The Road To Russia…

2014 – 2nd Place
2015 – 2nd Place
2016 – 2nd Place

The world said this would be their year, all they had to do was get through.
With hope in their hearts and glory on their mind, the mighty Argentina set off on a journey across oceans to the world’s largest country. None could have foreseen the nightmare that was about to dawn on them. Read More


Quote of The Day

There has to be evil so that good can prove its purity above it.


Dedicated to all the victims and their families of the stupendously inhumane attacks happening around the world.

Older In Vain..

No point building a treasured book of photographs where in every picture you stand alone. Remember, you only get older than you used to be. So don’t wait for answers to fall out of the sky, no matter how good, no man has ever stopped time from flying by…

The Moment.

Times have always stood the rust and lived forever…

I wish if only I could break the clock in the moment I found it. “wasted was every second from my first blink to my last..” I say to my self as I realize now what I was missing out on by spending the wealth of words for a cause that would eventually go in vain.

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To Live Or Not Die

We exist, we wander around, we struggle and most of us, we just complicate life seeking ways for how not to die. At some point however, we must realize that this life was never about seeking 999 ways for how to not die, in fact, it was always about finding that 1 right way for how to live.