The Pen and Paper Story

Every time he touches her he tickles every part of her as he curves his way upon her beautiful white skin.

He adores every inch of her and his passion grows every time he holds her…His love for her has stood the rusting clock of time and has been through every possible pain…

But no matter what, he was always needed along sid
e her… The love they share is stronger than Romeo and Juliet or Sonny and Cher…

How helpless I feel because I see their story that lays in front of us and yet we don’t see it…

I can carve it on a stone that even after I die even after the world ends their love will forever remain unspoken yet the most sparkling diamond of all…

Today write with honour their story of love leave you by this note hoping everyone realises that his heart was what he gave to her…

His name is the Pen and she is the Paper….!!


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  1. ssunshine14 · April 20, 2016



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