The Widowed Winds

The widowed winds walk the earthly paths to the cemetery of lies…. Where lying in peace is every hurtful truth about the haunting cries….

Screams of the devils and roars of the ghosts… Fill the air with feelings of hate, envy, rage and humans are their hosts…

Sinking deeper by the swing of the pendulum the vengeful eyes prepare for a brawl… Against the love and compassion, for they want all the good to crawl… Bending on it’s knees with failure for it’s crown….

It is only then when a human learns to turn a smile into a frown… Might I ask why this need to feel fear?

Why can’t we live with every one close and dear?

Families split and break away forever… Thinking those bonds of love were made to sever… If only one understood the meaning of love and compassion… Good would once again win this war of passion… It would not rust with every stroke of the clock….

Instead it would bring the key of hope to every damned lock…. A heart full of wishes of love’s desire… From that day forward will never be tagged a liar…

Winds will again speak the vows of marriage… Riding along with their love in the horse’s carriage… A Mother would once again have the magic warmth and a father’s eyes will again beam with confusing care…

All of this will only happen if love is what we start to share… But remember, every wrong fight you choose my friend, would only lead to nothing but despair….


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