The Epic Wedding Story (Intro)..

A marriage in all it’s technicality is defined as “A legal or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a relationship” but it just does not end there does it? I’m sure there have been grooms like me who have shared their experiences about the whole “union of two people”. Which usually should be just a couple of “I do’s” a reception party, open bar, flowers, a white dress, a black suit and 2 rings. Wouldn’t that be beautiful if this was that kind of a wedding..*Glass Shattering* it is not!

This is INDIA and here we don’t do simple weddings! I’m sure it seems all beautiful and magical from the outside and trust me, it is!! I feel that an Indian WEDDING is probably the mostly magical thing on earth, but a wedding is just a part of the havoc that we call an Indian Marriage. Here in India the definition of marriage in most cases is “A giant circus of madness with sparkly dressed people running like mad men and women, just broken out from an asylum, causing all sorts of drama, chaos and pretty much every synonym you can think of to define crazy.”

Oh don’t get me wrong, it is holy and sacred and pure and stuff, but it truly can drive you nuts!

Before I go on with my story and set this whole category on fire, I know a lot of must be wondering what drama am I talking about? Because you never faced anything, you met your wife, got married and moved on with life. Well, maybe you were a part of a play normal people like to call “Arranged Marriage!” Half of the people in India don’t even realize that an arranged marriage is as good as your parents playing the part of your wingman and setting you up with a fancy bonny lass and making pretty much every life decision for you and turning you into this Indian Daily Soap person, who’s life revolves around a woman who clearly has a lot more excitement in her life with all the Saas-Bahu drama, the protecting of Dia’s from the winds that blow into your house when something terrible is going to happen and the conspiracies of the woman who wants to take you away from your wife by being the “Dusri Aurat” in your life. Trust me mate if you’ve had or are about to have an arranged marriage the only screen time you will be getting in your life is the random close up face flash after every dramatic dialogue your wife says.

Sorry, swayed away from the topic a little bit.. Anyway, I hope by now you’ve figured out that my story is in fact a Love Marriage in India and a very complicated one at that.

If you choose to follow this blog or at least the posts in this category I’m sure you are going to have a crazy time reading some of the posts. My wedding is hopefully going to happen in exactly this week 8 months from today. I say hopefully not because I haven’t proposed, Oh I so have and She said Yes! I only say hopefully is because of the daily soap moments and the drama which comes with all of this.

Here is why I say that…

Her mom is a Gujarati, her dad is a Tamilian, my mom is a Punjabi and my dad is a religious Muslim.. My Fiancée and I are very Liberal. So, the fact that this is a “Super Inter Religion Love Marriage” in India just makes it so much more fun. So get on board for some super cool and super dramatic back stories, wedding preparations, “parents” meet, “relatives” meet (because you know it’s India), crazy planning, bridal anxiety, wedding budgets, wedding loans, venue selection, catering decisions (The best part apart of all this) The Barter Trades of An Indian Wedding and a lot of insanely funny stuff that goes on during the build up to my marriage.

To all the grooms! I know it’s the bride’s big day but it is we who have to absorb all the crazy and walk out with all our sanity still prevailing!


P.S: Shout out to my little Sister for the beautiful featured picture. Check out her Instagram..


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