Paths of people collide as you walk along life, a forest so dense.
What I see through my eyes is that there is no such thing as a coincidence.

The sun of the day and the water conspired against the moon,
They made a few clouds and kept them ready for June,
Upon it’s arrival they made it rain that night, and called this conspiracy “the monsoon”

It was on one such night when he felt her love so mystic and pure,
As she hugged him it seemed as if truth was in every magical lore.
Her heart was beating as she held back a drop of her tear,
No one could ever love her so real she thought, and wanted to keep him near.

He was and still is stuck in the moment now and then.
I say this as I look at him now trying to describe the moment to the paper and pen.
They looked at each other and watched the shadow of the drops on the faces.
Got close then and killed the distance between them down to zero paces.

The head lights cut the bond between the drops and their apparition.
What was going to happen next, the guy had an intuition.
She kissed him on his cheek and slowly moved across to meet his lips,
that moment is when the heartbeat dips.

Mind all blank and all that mattered was touching of their souls.
Keeping the heart close as their bodies went warm.
they pulled back to look into each other’s eyes which made their spirits aloft.

Their passions then grew deeper as they got closer than before,
It was growing more intimate by the minute as boundaries were no more.
They joined their lips in a merger of wild desire.
Wearing what I call the passionate love’s attire.

The water kept screaming to hide their voices from the world,
Because shouting were their souls as their lips constantly swirled.
Unless you experience it you will not know the truth about it all.
It is mystic the touching of souls through those soft lips but that is how in love you truly fall!


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