Sin of The Gods

A sin was once committed by the gods. It made the heavens weep and give birth to rain…

The lighting that strikes is the god’s rage, and every time it does the clouds roar with courage…

They will not back down without a fight. Even if it means challenging the god’s might..

Armored in grey they stand tall and ready… Watching them, the gods lays down their weapons and say, please be steady.

They show the clouds the bloody gloves of sin. It what pain that they had created, and sent it chained with love… How could they have done something so wrong?

Now many people will never know, love is were they belong.

The fear of pain will make them embrace hate. Soon they will all be evil’s bait. The gods knew their doing was wrong and bad… They then worked on a solution for none can be sad…

They hid the keys to those chains in the drops of rain that night. And said to us all, it is now time to lay hate on the coffin’s bed and put an end to this fight!



  1. ssunshine14 · June 14, 2016

    Great post!!


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