Spirit Walker..

I’m a spirit walker,
An entity with access to all the secrets of the universe,
The boundaries I break to open the heart’s deepest locker,
Is a measure now, of the letter filled verse.

I start a journey from known to unknown,
It begins with a joyous cry and ends at a silent moan.
But between the noise and the silence there is a moment of vacuum,
And I the spirit walker survive off of that perfume.

But how did I get here, what did I do?
And why do I claim this title and pay no due?
It’s the simplicity of the complex life that tangles the untangled they say,
So how am I supposed to find the right needle in the hay.

It is not a self acclaimed honor I give my self,
Rather it is the curse I’ve received from the rulers of earth,
The beings that occur through a phenomenon called birth.

My soul is cursed and the wicked curse is theirs.
But my words are the reason I’ve failed to live,
A life among the living and hence I’m non existent.
However, I try and try and always stay persistent.

I want to live the cursed life of a human and not the blessed spirit walker.
Because after what I’ve seen on this side of death I pray not for more.

I walked this universe attentively ignored a true measure of pure sorrow,
And now I feel the pain of the ghosts.
So all I want is to prepare the ones who die tomorrow.

I seek their ears to explain the lies or the true world.
I seek their ears to help them learn the truth before they are withered and old.
I know not the right words that I need to say to these humans, the cursed ones.
As they consider me a ghost, and just one of the blessed ones.

They fail to understand I only seek love and attention,
So I can explain to them the endless mysteries of their souls and each molecule.

Yet, all they give me is wrath pain and just more ridicule.

I would also like to tell you I’m a cursed spirit walker a lone soul of the universe.
And I will try and try until someone hears my verse.


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