Funny Mixed Up Tart

His broken heart was a comfort that helped him feel at peace,
because by then he had already known true love’s fee.

Walking with joy and freedom from his heart,
He never knew he was about to fall in a funny mixed up tart.

What he had forgotten to calculate,
Was his heart would mend and be back to great.

Foolish the lad had no clue that he was being haunted,
The beauty next door that left him enchanted.

Stop right there his brain yelled and cried,
But then eventually even the brain’s throat was dried.

Truth be told he knew that the it was always a dead end,
As she was his only lady friend.

Ignoring that fact he wanted to rush
A voice then whispered to him “little boy just hush”

There was another fact he was ignoring,
because his brain was now snoring.

One of his friend also wanted her love,
And his feelings were something the kid wouldn’t shove.

No matter what comes he upheld the bro code
and yet he finds he just could not turn off his heart love mode.

Kind and generous he then made up his mind
Her love was his friend’s to find.

Now he tries and tries to get them together
He knws his friend was ment to be with her.

He now is at peace with a well mended heart.
Like I said he had fallen into the funny mixed up tart…


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