Visions (1)


Older In Vain..

No point building a treasured book of photographs where in every picture you stand alone. Remember, you only get older than you used to be. So don’t wait for answers to fall out of the sky, no matter how good, no man has ever stopped time from flying by…

To Live Or Not Die

We exist, we wander around, we struggle and most of us, we just complicate life seeking ways for how not to die. At some point however, we must realize that this life was never about seeking 999 ways for how to not die, in fact, it was always about finding that 1 right way for how to live.


The Last Wish

Spare me the horror of another failure when all hope is lost, it hurts even a heart made of rock when it knows it’s actual cost.

Holy spirts kill the burden upon my shoulders so I can spread the wings, I’m tired of breathing so I pray for the golden ring.

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The Widowed Winds

The widowed winds walk the earthly paths to the cemetery of lies…. Where lying in peace is every hurtful truth about the haunting cries….

Screams of the devils and roars of the ghosts… Fill the air with feelings of hate, envy, rage and humans are their hosts…

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