La Messiah!

11th October 2017

Full time whistle goes as the commentary team screams

“Lionel Messi has single handedly dragged Argentina to the Mother Land”

All the grey clouds seemed to fade away as the sun on the Argentine flag was shining bright again

Tears of joy formed a straight path to Russia and the Los Gauchos tangoed their way through.

Time was relative as it paced through the early days and slowed down seconds when the moment was almost there.

“Welcome to Russia and welcome to the FIFA World Cup 2018” Putin’s voice echoed across the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow and we were off.

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The Road To Russia…

2014 – 2nd Place
2015 – 2nd Place
2016 – 2nd Place

The world said this would be their year, all they had to do was get through.
With hope in their hearts and glory on their mind, the mighty Argentina set off on a journey across oceans to the world’s largest country. None could have foreseen the nightmare that was about to dawn on them. Read More