The Moment.

Times have always stood the rust and lived forever…

I wish if only I could break the clock in the moment I found it. “wasted was every second from my first blink to my last..” I say to my self as I realize now what I was missing out on by spending the wealth of words for a cause that would eventually go in vain.

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The Epic Wedding Story (Intro)..

A marriage in all it’s technicality is defined as “A legal or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a relationship” but it just does not end there does it? I’m sure there have been grooms like me who have shared their experiences about the whole “union of two people”. Which usually should be just a couple of “I do’s” a reception party, open bar, flowers, a white dress, a black suit and 2 rings. Wouldn’t that be beautiful if this was that kind of a wedding..*Glass Shattering* it is not!

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