Indulgence By Devika Dave

Happiness is.. Watching my beautiful girlfriend live her passion! Can’t wait to get Indulgence under way!!!!! Check out her Facebook page!

A shout out to my little sister for these amazing shots! Check her instagram out! you guys will love it!


Spirit Walker..

I’m a spirit walker,
An entity with access to all the secrets of the universe,
The boundaries I break to open the heart’s deepest locker,
Is a measure now, of the letter filled verse.

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Paths of people collide as you walk along life, a forest so dense.
What I see through my eyes is that there is no such thing as a coincidence.

The sun of the day and the water conspired against the moon,
They made a few clouds and kept them ready for June,
Upon it’s arrival they made it rain that night, and called this conspiracy “the monsoon”

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